Raw material for fur feed

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Prepared feed

High-quality, balanced feed, meeting the needs of the animal is the key to successful breeding of minks. Improper nutrition leads to diseases, reduces the quality of fur. Minks are very sensitive animals; therefore, the lack of vitamins, microelements and imbalance of the diet are reflected in their appearance and well-being. We offer quality feed of our own production, which will help breeding healthy animals with magnificent fur.

Advantages of our mink feed:

quality raw
are used
multistage quality
and chemical
composition control
balanced feed,
corresponding to the period
of life of the animal

Our feeds are made on the basis of the best ingredients. They are well absorbed by the body of animals and strengthen their health. Due to the balanced composition, the quality of the fur improves; it becomes more dense and shiny.

During each period of animal life, the nutrients and vitamins are different. We take this into account when making feeds. The range of feeds includes food for pregnant and lactating females, summer diet with high protein and vitamin content, low-energy feeding for the winter season. During the rutting period, minks are particularly active, so they need a full-fledged diet providing the current needs of the body. Good and properly selected feed ensures correct metabolism, active muscle work and optimal thermoregulation.

The correct choice of feed in accordance with the season will help breeding animals with excellent fur and get healthy brood. We have an assortment of feeds for any season and period of animal life. 

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